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D.I.V.E. Training Membership (2024)


All proceeds from our sales directly support our artists and productions and help enrich the cultural and artistic scene of the Sunshine Coast. 

Thank you!


The D.I.V.E. Training Membership offers an excellent opportunity for theatre lovers seeking regular engagement and advancement in their craft.

Training members enjoy valuable benefits:

  • Access to all D.I.V.E.’s 2024 training workshops (valued at $1,100)
  • Exclusive discount on D.I.V.E. Collective show tickets in the 2024 Season
  • Chance to win access to special events throughout the year
  • A beautiful D.I.V.E. Theatre Collective tee shirt

This membership is particularly well-suited for amateur and seasonal performers looking for a compelling way to enhance their body awareness, self-expression, voice, self-confidence, stage dynamics, social connections, and acting skills within a unique and creative experience.

It also caters to both emerging and established artists who wish to undergo more intensive training and rejuvenate their skills through a comprehensive exploration of various methodologies and techniques employed by D.I.V.E. Theatre Collective. These include Meyerhold’s Biomechanics, Theatre of the Oppressed, Devising, Investigative Theatre, Immersive Theatre, and Composition.

Join us and become a part of a vibrant community of like-minded creatives dedicated to fostering connections, stimulating exploration, and encouraging collaboration.


Training Scheduled for 2024 and included in the membership:


Tee Shirt Size Guide

Width, cm 45.70 50.80 55.80 60.90 66.00 71.10 76.30 81.20
Length, cm 71.12 73.66 76.20 78.74 81.28 83.82 86.36 88.90
Sleeve length (from centre back), cm 40.00 43.00 47.00 51.00 55.00 58.00 62.00 64.00


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