Invisible Theatre

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*Note: This is a 2-day intensive workshop from 4-5 November 2023

In this workshop, you will learn how theatre can be used to discuss and transform reality with concrete actions. Immerse yourself in a real scene, feel empowered to assume your role as a citizen and give visibility to situations of oppression in your personal context, workplace, family setting or local community that are invisible in daily life.

First developed by Brazilian theatre director Augusto Boal in the 1970s, Invisible Theatre is an influential method to generate public discussion about social injustice and effect transformation in the lives of people and their communities.

Through a series of physical, sensory and memory theatre exercises, you will first be led to de-mechanise your body, ears and mind. This will enable you to develop your physical senses, rhythms, sounds, space awareness, relationships, memory, emotions and imagination. You will then be introduced to image games and character-building techniques used in theatre practice.

This weekend-long experience will culminate in an “invisible” short performance that will be staged in a public space, where involuntary viewers become active participants in a real situation of oppression. In this way, spectators are real contributors, spontaneously reacting and giving opinions about the discussion provoked by the performers. It is theatre that takes place in a non-traditional performance space with an audience that does not know it is an audience.

The workshop is led by D.I.V.E. Theatre Collective’s Artistic Director Cesar Genaro, who was born and trained in Brazil, having used and disseminated Invisible Theatre techniques throughout his career as an actor and director in Brazil and Australia.

This was a great introduction to the philosophy and ideas behind theatre of the oppressed. The facilitator had a deep knowledge of this theatre style and it was fantastic to work with such open and creative people.

2020 Workshop participant

The workshop gave me the confidence to articulate oppression and intervene when necessary.

2022 Workshop participant

It challenged me and got me out of my comfort zone several times.

2020 Workshop participant