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D.I.V.E. Theatre Collective’s educational program has been developed to bring out the best in the students and ensure that their learning journey takes place on as many different levels as possible.

Our in-school shows, workshops and artist residencies offer a holistic approach that integrates movement, speech, breathing, human emotions, social situations, moral dilemmas, embodied creative writing/text, ensemble work and the relationship with the performance space.

Our aim is not only to offer in-school theatre experiences that are closely aligned with the Australian Curriculum but also to create opportunities for young people to develop their body awareness, self-confidence, self-expression, social connections, critical thinking and skills such as leadership, communication, collaboration, problem-solving and adaptability.

Drama trains young people’s understanding of the world, empowering them to perceive themselves and others in a more attentive, dynamic and genuine way.

The Education Program developed by D.I.V.E. Theatre Collective is of high calibre and serves the needs of the education sector. The workshop facilitator has a deep understanding of the material being taught and how to teach that material to students with differing learning modalities. (Teacher at Noosa Pengari Steiner School)

IN-SCHOOL SHOWS – Into the Light

Into the Light is an inspirational story about individuality, choice, and acceptance. In an immersive physical theatre soundscape, the show takes the audience on a poetic journey into the world of consumerism and social media.

We follow the journey of three allegorical characters (Echo, Pan and Narcy) who are lured in and out of their cyber cave by the controlling power of the goddess Google. There is only one ticket out of the place where human reality is virtualised and virtual reality humanised. Who is going to take it?

Duration:45 min (+10 min post-show Q&A)

Suitability: Years 9-12

2024 Tour Dates: Terms 3 and 4

Cost: $1500 up to 500 students*

Performance styles and conventions: storytelling, collage drama, contemporary political theatre, contemporary performance, physical theatre, fragmentation, non-linear form, immersive theatre and site-specific performance.

Themes: choice, consumerism, technology, social media, cyberculture, self-esteem, identity, acceptance, connections and disconnections.

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We offer short and long in-school artist residencies. These experiences enable in-depth immersion, practice and skills development in one of our specialty areas or more specialised work towards a performance outcome.

Residencies can be customised to your needs. For more information, please fill out the booking form or contact our Education team at [email protected]


Our workshops have been developed to familiarise students with the conventions of contemporary performance, physical theatre and political theatre.

The classes are taught by one or two D.I.V.E. teaching artists, depending on the number of students.

Duration: 70-90 minutes
Cost: $320* (up to 20 students) / $15 per additional student (max. 30 students)

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* A travel fee will apply for schools outside Nambour, Qld. Travel to and from our base in Nambour is calculated at 85c per km. For regional Qld or interstate bookings, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

  • Theatre of the Oppressed

    Theatre of the Oppressed

    In this workshop, students will learn how to use theatre to make sense of difficult life situations and gain the strength and confidence to deal with circumstances of injustice in their personal life, school, family setting or local community. Participants will develop their critical thinking, team-building and problem-solving capabilities by acting out rather than just talking about challenging episodes that happen to people in their daily routines.

    The workshop includes an introduction to Augusto Boal’s methodology through games and group exercises to develop the physical senses, rhythms, sounds, space awareness, relationships, memory, emotions and imagination.

  • Introduction to Physical Theatre

    Introduction to Physical Theatre

    Through a series of playful and challenging movement routines and exercises, students will learn how to use their physicality as the main medium for storytelling in their daily routine and on the stage. This workshop will enable participants to gain confidence, develop body awareness and get acquainted with the foundations of physical theatre based on Meyerhold’s Biomechanics techniques.

  • Devising


    An introduction to D.I.V.E. Theatre Collective’s approach to devising physical theatre. Our methodology gives voice to human stories and relevant social issues. The students will learn how to create striking theatre scenes based on a particular theme and have hands-on experience developing their own vibrant short pieces. This workshop will enable participants to gain independence, improve their team-working skills, and build their critical thinking capabilities and creativity.

  • Contemporary Performance

    Contemporary Performance

    This workshop introduces students to four conventions of contemporary performance used by D.I.V.E. Theatre Collective in our shows and creative projects: fragmentation, non-linear form, immersive theatre, and site-specific performance. Students will learn how to create powerful poetic theatre scenes using these approaches and integrate physical theatre/movement, text and vocal expression into complex interactive systems.