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Into the Light


Performance Date: May 2023

Winner of the ‘Best of 2023’ Anywhere Festival Award

Into the Light is an immersive physical theatre and dance work that is a provocation about the impact of consumerism, technology and social media. Members of the D.I.V.E. Collective have created a thought-provoking, and occasionally confronting, work of physical theatre that might equally be described as a piece of performance art.

Review by Catherine Lawrence

Into the Light is a thought-provoking story about connections, disconnections, choice and freedom.

In an immersive physical theatre soundscape, the show takes the audience on a poetic journey into the world of consumerism and social media.

We follow the adventures of three allegorical characters who are lured in and out of their cyber cave by the controlling power of the goddess Google. There is only one ticket out of the place where human reality is virtualised and virtual reality humanised. Who is going to take it?

Inspired by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and Greek mythology, Into the Light mixes physical theatre, dance, philosophy, literature, visual arts, music and digital media. It delves into consumerism, cyberculture, self-esteem, identity and acceptance themes, and presents a hard-hitting metaphor for the social media generation we live in: an epoch of split, parallel identities, where body and place are abandoned for beings of light and words to be created.

The show is a unique experience for audiences. It is set in a non-conventional theatre space, in which spectators and performers stand side by side in the performance space. There is no stage or seats for the audience. A truly immersive opportunity.

Our self-esteem boosted by a few clicks, our lives enlightened by screens of light. Into the Light is an inspirational story about individuality, choice and acceptance that will inspire and fascinate audiences everywhere.

Into the Light was developed as a collective creation by the members of the award-winning D.I.V.E. It premiered in 2020 at The Loo With a View in Mooloolaba, on the Sunshine Coast.

Director: Cesar Genaro

Performing Artists: Daniela Lavorenti, Mary Eggleston, Megan O’Hare

Creative Producer: Priscila Da Cunha

Sound Design: Cesar Genaro

Lighting Design: Travis Macfarlane

Dramaturgy & Costume Design: Priscila Da Cunha

I loved the absurd accuracy of the reflection about our current society.  

2023 Audience member

The show made me feel part of the drama.

2023 Audience member

Read the full review of Into the Light by Catherine Lawrence here.


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Into the Light premiered at the Loo With A View in Mooloolaba in November 2020. This show was funded by the Regional Arts Development Fund in 2020, which is a partnership between the Sunshine Coast Council and Queensland Government. 

2020 Into the Light at the Loo with a view, Mooloolaba QLD

Director: Cesar Genaro
Devising Performing Artists: Tanya McCall, Camilla Mozzini, Tamara Lea Collins, Joey Kohnke
Producer: Priscila Da Cunha
Costume Designer: Rebecca Dostal
Music: Cesar Genaro
Dramaturgy: Priscila Da Cunha

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