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Dive deep into the enigmatic essence of love’s in-between spaces, where multicultural performers explore the nuances of human emotions in a mesmerizing, unconventional, and profoundly moving physical theatre journey.

2024 DATES:

10, 11, 17, 18 May at 7:00 pm

15 May at 11:00 am

4-All TV

Discover the exciting world of TV, Film and News Broadcasting and unlock your creative potential. In this inclusive program, specifically tailored for participants with disabilities, we invite you to explore digital technology and hands-on approaches, opening doors to a myriad of opportunities in the TV and film industry. What’s in store for you: Embrace the…
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Training Membership

Embark on a transformative journey with D.I.V.E. Training Membership, unlocking a year-long pass to enriching workshops, exclusive show discounts, special event access, and more.

Join our vibrant community and elevate your theatre craft – seize this opportunity for self-discovery, skill enhancement, and creative collaboration!

Mira Chorik

Mira is an award-winning songwriter and artist living and working on Jinibara land. Her work investigates loss and meaning-making through music, community performance, experimental collaborations and site-specific installations. She facilitates small group workshops and creates participatory spaces using meaningful conversation and ritual. Mira aims to create a sense of emotional intimacy in her community projects,…
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Daniela Lavorenti

Daniela is a passionate Italian and Brazilian performer who loves travelling around the world, spreading art, love and healing. She has worked in the performing arts for 23 years; she is an experienced voice actor, dancer and professional clown. Daniela has a Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts from Faculdade Celia Helena (Brazil) and a Diploma…
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Mary Eggleston

Mary Eggleston is an actor, performance artist, director, writer and producer of performing and visual arts. She’s a keen collaborator and has worked with national and international artists since 1997.  She trained in physical theatre with Zen Zen Zo and then went on to study mime and movement theatre at dieEtage in Berlin. Mary has…
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Caprichos is an emotionally charged journey into the whims, caprices and desires of human nature.

In a world of labyrinths and mirrors, dreams and nightmares, a parade of surreal characters invite each audience member to contemplate how far they have drifted from their true selves in the name of vanity and social acceptance.

Inspired by Francisco de Goya’s Los Caprichos, D.I.V.E. Collective’s masquerade performance combines movement, visual arts, music, literature, philosophy, provocative narratives and multi-lingual perspectives into a succession of poetic moments that are both striking and deeply touching.