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Theatre of the Oppressed

In this workshop, students will learn how to use theatre to make sense of difficult life situations and gain the strength and confidence to deal with circumstances of injustice in their personal life, school, family setting or local community. Participants will develop their critical thinking, team-building and problem-solving capabilities by acting out rather than just…
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Contemporary Performance

This workshop introduces students to four conventions of contemporary performance used by D.I.V.E. Theatre Collective in our shows and creative projects: fragmentation, non-linear form, immersive theatre, and site-specific performance. Students will learn how to create powerful poetic theatre scenes using these approaches and integrate physical theatre/movement, text and vocal expression into complex interactive systems.


An introduction to D.I.V.E. Theatre Collective’s approach to devising physical theatre. Our methodology gives voice to human stories and relevant social issues. The students will learn how to create striking theatre scenes based on a particular theme and have hands-on experience developing their own vibrant short pieces. This workshop will enable participants to gain independence,…
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Introduction to Physical Theatre

Through a series of playful and challenging movement routines and exercises, students will learn how to use their physicality as the main medium for storytelling in their daily routine and on the stage. This workshop will enable participants to gain confidence, develop body awareness and get acquainted with the foundations of physical theatre based on Meyerhold’s…
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