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Exodus was the winner of the 2022 Horizon Festival Anywhere Award. Moving, engaging, emotional, inspirational! 2021 Audience member Inspired by the stories of local migrants, Exodus is a collectively-devised contemporary physical theatre performance that focuses on real and metaphorical migrations and raises the question: what unites people who decide to leave their native land? From…
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A celebration of diversity and multiculturalism on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. At a time when physical restrictions to connect with one’s place of birth are imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak, fifty local migrants were invited to share their experiences of arriving in Australia & the Sunshine Coast and of being torn between two cultures. Their…
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Credit: Vlad da Cunha

Stories of

This project explored the theme of “displacement” in the Noosa shire through performing arts. This topic included discussing immigration, travel, exchange of cultures, and all kinds of “displacement” of people and nature in the region. D.I.V.E. Theatre Collective ran two free performing arts workshop based on this theme with people from the community (actors, singers,…
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Into the Light

A thought-provoking story about connections, disconnections, choice and freedom. In an immersive physical theatre soundscape, the show takes the audience on a poetic journey into the world of consumerism and social media.


SUNSHINE COAST: 5, 6 and 13 May

BRISBANE: 19 and 20 May.

Urban Twitters: Dis.connect.ed

Two-minute pieces on the streets of Noosa Junction – stories of love, hate, relationships, fragmented selves, connections and disconnections motivated by the life experiences of our performers, offering new perspectives on what it means to be oneself and the other in actual and cyberspace. Each scene brought something unique, be it humour, depth, sophistication, repulse, mockery,…
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Credit: Vlad da Cunha

Dis.connect.ed: A Short Documentary

What connects us to our cultural heritage? How do we make a deep connection to place and culture? Can we become disconnected from a place’s historic and social value for the past, present and future generations? Where do real space and cyberspace come together?  Funded by the Regional Development Arts Fund (a partnership between the…
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