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Megan O’Hare

Performing Artist & Education Officer
Megan O'Hare

Originally from Ireland, Megan is a performing artist and student at the University of Queensland.

She joined D.I.V.E Theatre Collective’s Ensemble in 2021 due to her shared belief in the potential of art to effect change. She is convinced that there is immense value in exploring and celebrating the multitude of (sub)cultures and experiences existent within Australian society, particularly those that are provocative, marginalised or misunderstood.

Megan has performed in Pandemonium (dir. Stephanie Dimitriou) and in D.I.V.E.’s productions Caprichos (2022) and Into the Light (2023), directed by Cesar Genaro. She has trained in Biomechanics, Theatre of the Oppressed, Improvisation and the Meisner Technique, and she is eager to expand and improve her knowledge and skills.

Megan presently works as D.I.V.E.’s Education Officer, overseeing in-school workshops and the South-East Queensland school tours of D.I.V.E.’s production Into the Light.