Who We Are

Priscila Da Cunha

Co-founder & Creative Producer
Priscila da Cunha

Priscila Da Cunha is one of the founders of D.I.V.E. Theatre Collective and has been a Creative Producer since 2017. Originally from Brazil, she has lived in Australia since 2013 and is Drama & English Teacher at a Steiner school on the Sunshine Coast, where she directs and produces five full-length theatre performances per year. She completed her Master of Arts degree in Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto, Canada, in 2004. Her research interests lie in contact improvisation, physical theatre and the boundaries between literature, theatre, film and dance. She has published two articles on Comparative Literature and edited three anthologies of Australian short stories for high school students.

Priscila has been involved in the performing arts for more than 15 years. With D.I.V.E. Theatre Collective, she has led workshops for schools and community groups and has produced and performed in several projects. She worked as a producer and project coordinator for Caprichos (2022), Diver.city Inside Out (2021), Exodus (2021), Into the Light (2020), Dis.connect.ed: A Short Documentary (2019) and the street performance Urban Twitters: Dis.connect.ed (2019). In 2018, she facilitated and acted in two street performances as part of Stories of Dis.place.ment.

Since starting her theatre career, Priscila has trained in contact improvisation dance with Joerg Hassmann (Australia) and Cia. Nova Dança 4 (Brazil); in contemporary dance with Ruth Rachou and Denise Passos (Brazil); in Viewpoints with Zen Zen Zo; in Linklater Voice Training with Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble (Australia); Rudolf Steiner’s Creative Speech and Drama with the Independent School for Creative Speech and the Art of Drama (New Zealand).