– About Us –

We are a collective of theatre practitioners, from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Our aim is to investigate, experiment and create work in contemporary theatre integrating different areas of knowledge, art and philosophy that, once touched, transform and reconfigure the theatrical scene.

We believe in collective creation, exchange of experiences and research, which open doors that make possible the encounter between the old and the new, thus generating new possibilities and meanings in theatre. We believe that each individual brings within the key of their own life, where secrets, fears, experiences and origins are kept. In the deep theatrical work, as in an eternal theatrical game, people are always trying to open each other’s door. In this way, a new world comes to light, a new way of looking, deep and enlightening.

By exploring themes such as belonging, cultural identity and displacement from our personal experiences, combined with research into physical theatre, dance, literature, visual arts, music, digital media, philosophy and other sources, our goal is to bring together people with similar interests to devise new works of art.
That’s why we especially welcome people from different cultural backgrounds who speak languages other than English.

In the end, what matters is not the result, but the profound knowledge of the human being within the work itself. Opening doors to new formats and contents that might not fit in the traditional configuration, but once shaped and reconfigured, from odd and uncomfortable become fascinating and charming.

– Who we are –

Credit: Vlad da Cunha

Cesar Genaro

Co-Founder / Artistic Director

Credit: Vlad da Cunha

Priscila da Cunha

Co-Founder / Producer

Tanya McCal

Performing Artist

Camila Mozzini

Performing Artist

Joey Kohnke

Performing Artist

Tamara Lea Collins

Performing Artist

Rebecca Dostal

Performing Artist / Costume Designer